Altercation A New: 2005  (16 track) Album..feat. Nutt-So of 2Pac's Outlawz, B-Dub Of  Mob C.I.N., Immortal Hustla, Cheech-Mac of A.M.W., Deuce Life..and many More!!!

​List Price: $9.99
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( E.B.P.'s Solo) Street Work: 2009 (17 track)  Album..feat. San Quinn, Mr. Jet Black, Ad Kapone of Totally Insane, Sgt. Slaughter, Mac & A.K...and many More!!!

List Price: $9.99
Game & Gunz Vol 1. Tha Gwopalation: 2011 (17 track)  Album..multi feat...Cooley-T of Mob C.I.N.,Mongoose, Slowe Burna, Mini-14, Na'Omi Bull..and many More!!! 

Mixed Up Round 2: 2010 (20 track)  Album MixTape..feat...Whyte Head, Destro, E.B.P., Killa Z, Hoggorila, Sho Gun...and many More!!!
Niggas, Thugs, & Outlaws: 2001 (EP)               (7 Tracks) from N.T.O.'s earlier start  in the Rap Game... E.B.P., SK-1, Detrimental (Cd With Case Only No Cover*)
(Mongoose's Solo) Mongoose World: 2011 (19 track) Album..feat...Queen Amina, Nutt-So of 2pac's Outlawz, Mistah Fab, Mr. Jet Black: Out of stock until further notice, Check back for update.
List Price: $11.99 - ThIs (EP) Album is ready for will be transfered to paypal for purchase:
List Price: $9.99 - This Album is ready for will be transfered to paypal for purchase:
( E.B.P.'s Solo) CORNER STONE: 2017 (16 track) Album feat...Vic Da Baron, Cooley-T, Tha Real Dirty Money, AnonymousThatDude,  "Amina" that featured on ( Keyshia Coles) Track & Video " Shoulda Let You Go".. Album Available Now!!!
 List Price: $9.99
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